crft prizes



Each CRFT KNDL/CRFT SHTR pack has a chance to find a BigFoot winning ticket. With over 5000 prizes to be found & Three (3) Grand Prize tickets if found the lucky winner will get a one year supply of CRFT KNDLs! or CRFT Shatter (valued at $5000)

The ticket will have a QR code (as seen below) that you can scan with your phone which will take you to a secret webpage specific to your BigFoot ticket where you can claim your prize!



Finding the legendary  BIGFOOT who hides in our websites digital forest, changing his location monthly. 

This is BIGFOOT if you find him hiding on the CRFT site CLICK ON HIM and you will be get points which you can put towards  Special Prizes.

Hint: He sometimes also hides on Instagram in photos.

fill out our form to enter!

Good Luck! Must live in Canada to be eligible to win.

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