Garlic Breath (Indica) OZ

A perfect way to spend a Friday night or a great reason to play hooky from work, Garlic Breath’s effects will have you feeling that all is right in the world. Lift your spirits, rest your body, and enjoy this potent strain’s ability to help with a wide range of medical ailments. Remember that this strain is incredibly pungent, so use it only in places where getting caught isn’t a big deal.


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A classic in its own right, Garlic Breath stems from original Afghani strains of the 1990s. Born and bred in the Netherlands by Sensi Seeds, it gets its name from its potent smell that brings earthy and spicy notes to any room. Garlic Breath is a highly regarded strain in both the recreational and medical communities for its combination of powerful effects.

Bringing a nice amount of THC to the table, Garlic Breath often hovers right around the 20% mark and gives both new and experienced users a run for their money. Nugs are certainly pungent with a garlic aroma, although the scent is more earthy than one might expect. Spicy upon inhaling, this strain brings subtle herbal and woody notes that help to balance out the flavour. Garlic Breath typically takes the shape of small and tight pebbles with furry hairs and a thick layer of resin.

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